Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development with TestInsight

Have you heard about, or even actively use, unit tests in your code? If you do use tests, do you follow test-driven development when you write them? What about TestInsight, Stefan Glienke’s Delphi IDE plugin? This article will introduce all three with a real-world example, and show you: How to get started with unit testing […]

Bookmarks supports XE8

I’m pleased to release Parnassus Bookmarks v1.3.5. This version: Supports Delphi and C++Builder XE8 Known bugs: When Castalia is installed, the add/delete/indicate bookmark animations are not smoothly animated, but can stutter or appear “jerky”. This appears to be due to very fast, repeating invalidation or repainting of the code editor underneath the animation, apparently caused by […]

Bookmarks v1.3 released

I’m very pleased to release another update to the Parnassus Bookmarks Delphi plugin. This version adds several new features including customizable shortcuts, bookmarking a specific character in a line, and a compatibility fix for PngComponents: New feature: You can now customize the shortcuts Bookmarks uses – if you don’t like using Ctrl+B for Bookmark, you […]

How to move your Google Code projects to GitHub

Google Code is closing, and you want to click that ‘Export to GitHub’ button. Great! Make sure you do the rest of these things too… Introduction Google Code allows anyone to export a project to GitHub. You don’t have to be logged in to a project you own to do so – this means that […]

Review: FixInsight by SourceOddity

Full disclosure: Roman of SourceOddity was kind enough to offer me a free license of FixInsight in return for writing a blog post about it. There are no conditions on the review, of course – his exact words were “your own opinion”. The short review: Every so often a tool comes along where you don’t realise how useful […]

Bookmarks version 1.2 released

I’m very pleased to release an update to the Bookmarks plugin. This updates fixes a few bugs and adds a new feature: New feature: Bookmarks can now be assigned a custom name / description Bugfix: List out of bounds exception viewing a form as text Bugfix: All bookmarks were removed from a unit when using class […]

Review: Delphi Cookbook by Daniele Teti

The Delphi Cookbook It’s always a pleasure to see a new book come out about technology you work with, especially when that book is not aimed solely at existing developers but is accessible and helpful for those new to the development environment as well. About a month ago, Packt Publishing posted on Google+ asking for expressions […]

Mysteries of IDE plugins: Painting in the code editor (Part 2)

Part 2 of a series on how to write an IDE plugin that can paint on the IDE code editor line-by-line along with the code. Introduction The first part of this series examined an area not exposed by the Open Tools API (Delphi’s plugin API): integrating with the code editor. Yet several plugins, such as […]

TFireMonkeyContainer: VCL drag/drop, IDE support and package improvements, and more

A number of improvements to TFireMonkeyContainer have been checked in over the past day. New to TFireMonkeyContainer? It is a small open-source VCL component to host a FireMonkey form inside a VCL form, as though it was a normal component. Read more about TFireMonkeyContainer here. What’s changed? Support for the VCL drag-drop system: You can drag and drop […]

Drawing fully justified text to a canvas 1

At some point we’ve probably all written code to draw text to screen manually, using TextOut, ExtTextOut, DrawText or DrawTextEx depending on how complex the required result was. But have you ever tried to draw fully-justified text, that is, text that adheres to both the left and right boundaries of the destination rectangle? There’s no support […]