Bookmarks and Navigator acquired by Embarcadero

In some exciting news, I’m pleased to announce that Parnassus Bookmarks and Navigator have recently been acquired by Embarcadero. Both plugins will be made available as part of RAD Studio in an upcoming release.

I’m very happy to have the two plugins now part of Delphi and C++Builder. They were written to provide features I wanted to see in the IDE, and hundreds of customers have given enthusiastic feedback. The features and productivity will now be available to everyone who uses RAD Studio.

Bookmarks and Navigator are excellent productivity tools for the RAD Studio IDE. Bookmarks extends the IDE’s built-in system for remembering and jumping to locations, adding unlimited markers, a docked window listing them with contextual information, and a stack of caret bookmarks. Navigator allows you to go to any Delphi source code element, such as a property declaration, constructor, method, uses clause, or other useful location. For both Delphi and C++, it also adds a minimap to the code editor, a syntax-highlighted code preview that functions like a scrollbar.

Originally developed since 2014, they were acquired by Embarcadero in February 2019.


  • Q: I saw there was no release yet for RAD Studio 10.3. Is this why?
    A: Yes. The plugins will be available through GetIt in the next official release of RAD Studio, which will be out soon! You can install it if you have an active update subscription.

  • Q: I’d like to download the installer for an older version of RAD Studio. How do I do that?
    A: The IP for the plugins, including past versions, now belongs to Embarcadero. As a result, the downloads have been removed from the Parnassus website. Please contact Embarcadero with questions about support for earlier versions of RAD Studio, but note that they will be integrated into the upcoming version of the IDE, which we recommend you install.
  • Q: Will there be any enhancements to the plugins, when they are part of RAD Studio?
    A: Yes, there are a couple of unreleased features for Navigator that will be present in the version Embarcadero ships. Both plugins, of course, have full IDE and styling support for 10.3’s new look and feel. Install 10.3.1 and check them out!

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