Bookmarks and Navigator for 10.2 Tokyo – plus new features!

I’m very pleased to release Bookmarks 1.5.2 and Navigator 1.4. What’s new?

New in Navigator 1.4

  • New minimap rendering. Navigator has had a minimap since the very beginning, and a great deal of attention was paid to how it rendered. The minimap is antialiased and renders the text itself. However, this often meant lines of code were quite faint / blurred and hard to see, because they were quite literally the text printed to screen at a 1px height per character. It was beautifully accurate, but open for improvement.
    • In v1.4, there is a new rendering mode which fills each pixel or line with a solid colour, rather than downscaling the text itself. Text is still drawn per token (that is, it is still the text onscreen, not a line) but each token is a solid block rather than rendering tiny text. The result is a much more clear, much more defined, and easy to scan representation of your source.
      Here’s a screenshot illustrating the old vs new rendering, old on the left, new on the right:

      and zoomed in, to illustrate the differences:
      Although it looks blockier, after using it I’ve found it is significantly better for the eyes.  This should improve usability greatly.  The new mode is on by default, but you can change back to the old rendering mode in the Options dialog.
  • Go To Line. The Go To window now lets you type in a line number (such as 54) and press Enter to go there.  This means Ctrl+G is now a full replacement for the IDE’s Alt-G dialog, which goes to a line number.
    You can also navigate to a relative line number, to jump, say, 100 lines above or below with a + or – prefix.  In the Go To window, type ‘+5’ to jump ahead 5 lines, or ‘-5’ to jump back five lines.
    Line numbers are always the first match for numeric input, which means you can jump to line 100 by pressing Ctrl+G, 100, Enter without looking at the dialog.
  • Misc parsing bugfixes
  • Support for 10.2 Tokyo

New in Bookmarks 1.5.2

This is a point release, so is quite small.

  • Support for 10.2 Tokyo:
    • The Bookmarks dockable window menu item has moved to the new View > Tool Windows submenu
    • Bookmarks are also present in the View > Editor submenu, as well as the editor context menu

License extension

It has been quite some time since a version of Navigator was released. Much of this was due to problems renewing the code signing certificate; to resolve this, Parnassus plugins are now signed with a certificate issued by a different vendor, Thawte. Some, of course, was due simply to time pressures – I have far less time to develop than I used to. As noted, I don’t feel the long delay between releases is a good thing. By way of apology, and to provide continued value for your purchase, all Navigator licenses purchased before the release of v1.4 have been extended by six months. That is, they are valid for eighteen months from the date of purchase instead of twelve.

Download Bookmarks and Navigator.

Installs on XE and above (XE to Tokyo), and both Delphi and C++Builder.

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