Bookmarks supports XE8

I’m pleased to release Parnassus Bookmarks v1.3.5. This version:

  • Supports Delphi and C++Builder XE8

Known bugs:

  • When Castalia is installed, the add/delete/indicate bookmark animations are not smoothly animated, but can stutter or appear “jerky”. This appears to be due to very fast, repeating invalidation or repainting of the code editor underneath the animation, apparently caused by Castalia. (You can sometimes even see this, ie see the entire editor repaint or lines flicker, very fast, multiple times.) The solution is to disable animations in the settings, or to disable Castalia.

I hope you find Bookmarks a useful and productive tool!

Bookmarks is free. You are welcome – in fact encouraged :) – to tell others about it.  If you do, please link to the official Bookmarks page. Enjoy!

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