Bookmarks version 1.2 released

I’m very pleased to release an update to the Bookmarks plugin. This updates fixes a few bugs and adds a new feature:

  • New feature: Bookmarks can now be assigned a custom name / description
  • Bugfix: List out of bounds exception viewing a form as text
  • Bugfix: All bookmarks were removed from a unit when using class completion (Ctrl-Shift-C) or event handler addition / removal, when the method prototype and IDE-generated method body were more than 250 lines away from each other
  • Several other bug fixes and tweaks. View the full release notes here.

What does naming a bookmark look like? The docked window shows information about a bookmark, such as the method it’s located in and where it is in the unit. If you give a bookmark a name, that name is displayed in the bookmark list. The existing information that was displayed before is still visible, just smaller.

The rename dialog looks like this:

rename-dialogAnd when it’s applied, the renamed bookmark looks like this:

renamed bookmark

The API adds support for renaming bookmarks, too. (Didn’t know that Bookmarks has a public API? It does – that means you or any Delphi plugin author can integrate Bookmarks’ functionality, including adding, removing, listing, jumping to, renaming etc, into your own plugin.)





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