Bookmarks supports XE8

I’m pleased to release Parnassus Bookmarks v1.3.5. This version: Supports Delphi and C++Builder XE8 Known bugs: When Castalia is installed, the add/delete/indicate bookmark animations are not smoothly animated, but can stutter or appear “jerky”. This appears to be due to very fast, repeating invalidation or repainting of the code editor underneath the animation, apparently caused by […]

Bookmarks 1.3.4 released

This is a minor update to Bookmarks, following from version 1.3 released three days ago. Beyond all the additions in version 1.3, this version adds or fixes: New feature: Press F2 to rename a bookmark in the code editor. In other words, if there is a bookmark on the current line of the code editor, press F2 to […]

Bookmarks v1.3 released

I’m very pleased to release another update to the Parnassus Bookmarks Delphi plugin. This version adds several new features including customizable shortcuts, bookmarking a specific character in a line, and a compatibility fix for PngComponents: New feature: You can now customize the shortcuts Bookmarks uses – if you don’t like using Ctrl+B for Bookmark, you […]

TFireMonkeyContainer: VCL drag/drop, IDE support and package improvements, and more

A number of improvements to TFireMonkeyContainer have been checked in over the past day. New to TFireMonkeyContainer? It is a small open-source VCL component to host a FireMonkey form inside a VCL form, as though it was a normal component. Read more about TFireMonkeyContainer here. What’s changed? Support for the VCL drag-drop system: You can drag and drop […]

Useful reference about disabling specific compiler warnings

Earlier today while working on an IDE plugin, I got the following compiler warnings: [dcc32 Warning] W1029 Duplicate constructor ‘TLineDifference.CreateEqual’ with identical parameters will be inacessible [sic] from C++ [dcc32 Warning] W1029 Duplicate constructor ‘TLineDifference.CreateAdded’ with identical parameters will be inacessible [sic] from C++ This is caused by a record type having two or more constructors taking […]

C++ Builder XE2 6

Welcome!  This is the first article on my new blog, and it examines XE2.  I’ll dig right in: First impressions XE2 uses the same installer as previous versions, and has a fairly simple setup process.  For some reason the help uses a separate installer and so installation isn’t ‘set it and forget it’ – you’ll […]