Bookmarks and Navigator acquired by Embarcadero

In some exciting news, I’m pleased to announce that Parnassus Bookmarks and Navigator have recently been acquired by Embarcadero. Both plugins will be made available as part of RAD Studio in an upcoming release. I’m very happy to have the two plugins now part of Delphi and C++Builder. They were written to provide features I […]

Coming soon: Bookmarks and Navigator for 10.3 Rio

A week ago, we released RAD Studio 10.3. Since then, I’ve had many people asking when Bookmarks and Navigator are going to be updated for it! The answer is soon. I had hoped this weekend, but there were a few obstacles. I am working on this. All plugins currently build for Rio. The work currently […]

Bookmarks and Navigator for 10.2 Tokyo – plus new features!

I’m very pleased to release  and . What’s new? New in Navigator 1.4 New minimap rendering. Navigator has had a minimap since the very beginning, and a great deal of attention was paid to how it rendered. The minimap is antialiased and renders the text itself. However, this often meant lines of code were quite faint / blurred […]

Would you like to help write the next Parnassus plugin?

I’m busy. Really busy. And I have an amazing new plugin I want to finish and have not had the time to work on since June last year. Would you like to help? I’m looking for a Delphi developer to take on in a contract/consulting role to help finish the plugin tentatively titled Parnassus Debugger. You […]

Bookmarks bugfix – changing shortcuts

I’ve just released a small update to Parnassus Bookmarks, version This fixes a bug where, when you changed the add bookmark or add caret (stack) bookmark shortcut, you would often end up having both shortcuts add a normal bookmark. Oddly enough, the controlling factor was if the Shift key was pressed – any shortcut […]

Antialiased images on the Delphi splash screen

How do you have nice-looking icons on the Delphi / C++Builder IDE splash screen? As regular readers of my blog or users of my plugins know, I care about details and appearance a lot. This is visible in the visual style of my plugins, but also carries through to the source code or design. The […]

Navigator and Bookmarks now available for Berlin

Parnassus Bookmarks and Parnassus Navigator are now available for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin. I apologise for the delay – Berlin has been out over a week now and I normally aim for a 24-hour or 48-hour-max turnaround for new releases. There were a variety of technical reasons, now all resolved. Download and . Installs on XE and […]

The Bad Delphi Code Competition – Results and Winners!

First, thankyou to everyone to who entered the competition. There was a wide variety of entries, from small code snippets to large projects written just for this competition. There isn’t enough room here to list all entries, so my apologies to those who entered whose entries are not listed here. Below are the top four […]

Bookmarks 1.5 and Navigator 1.3.2 released!

I’m very pleased to release two new updates with some neat new features, including automatic resume after navigating in Navigator, and code preview snippets in the dockable list in Bookmarks. Read on for download links and full details! New in Bookmarks 1.5 () New: Code preview! The line of code where a bookmark is located can […]

Bad Delphi Code Competition: entries closed

Thank you to everyone who entered the Bad Delphi Code Competition. Entries are now closed. I’ll be looking at the entries (together with Roman Yankovsky, who kindly donated a copy of FixInsight as an additional prize) probably over the next week. Look out for a blog post and winner announcement soon.