IDE Plugins

Tools for Delphi programmers.

Making the IDE better.

We use Delphi and C++Builder every day. And sometimes, it just doesn’t do what it should. Parnassus is building a family of plugins that:
  • Make existing functionality better – smoother, more intuitive, and more modern
  • Add missing functionality that other IDEs have
  • Add completely new functionality
All of which should make using Delphi day-to-day a better experience.
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Unit navigation done right. Ever wanted to jump to the uses clause, to a class’s constructor, to a property definition? Navigator lets you move between any section of code quickly, easily, and without your fingers leaving the keyboard. There’s also a minimap – a miniature version of your code, showing the structure and letting you scroll just like a scrollbar.
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Replace the IDE’s inbuilt bookmarks with an improved version. Drop bookmarks without memorising a number. Never overwrite existing bookmarks. Jump between bookmarks with a keypress. See where in the code your bookmarks are. And it’s free.


Over forty ideas for improvements to the IDE. Writing deliberately vaguely, these include improved debugging, code navigation, form editing, code correction, and IDE UI tweaks. We’re probably not going to make all forty of them, but we hope the ones we do build will make your coding life better. We only release when it’s done, 100%, polished and perfect.question mark

Delphi plugins are also known as wizards or experts. “Plugin” is used by Parnassus, mostly for alliteration.

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