Parnassus Plugins Public API

Plugin API Documentation

Some Parnassus plugins come with a public API, allowing other IDE plugins by third parties to interoperate.

For questions or support, please use the support form.

Bookmarks is now part of RAD Studio! Read more here.


Latest version of the API (required units and demos) – no longer available; Bookmarks acquired by Embarcadero.  Read more here.

Release Notes

Version 1.2 (2014-12-05)

  • Added support for renaming bookmarks in Bookmarks version 1.2, with the addition of the IPnAPIBookmark2 and IPnAPIBookmarkList2 interfaces.
  • Version number synchronised with Bookmarks.

Version 1.0 (2014-10-27)

  • First public version


Use of the plugins API to integrate with Parnassus plugins is offered under the following conditions, applying to each file of the API distribution:

[This file] is part of the API to integrate with or access one or more Parnassus IDE plugins. It is copyright (c) 2014 Parnassus OU and David Millington. All rights reserved. It is distributed with no warranty, express or implied, and it is used entirely at your own risk.

You may use and distribute this file as part of software to communicate with or integrate with a Parnassus plugin, where that software is commercial, free or open source, so long as:

a) This file is not changed in any way that changes its interpretation to the compiler. That is, you may not change the names of the classes, interfaces, methods or other types or variables, or the contents of the code, or other data. Doing so would make the file incompatible and result in a derivative work. You may do something like wrap it in compiler version ifdefs, so that it is compiled / not compiled based on a condition. Doing so does not change the meaning of the code here.

b) You do not misrepresent the source of this file, and you include this license text in all copies.

c) Any software that uses this file must document that it uses the Parnassus Plugins Public API somewhere user-visible: for example, an About box. It must also specify which plugins the software is meant to integrate with, and include a link to the Parnassus website. An example statement might be, “This software uses the Parnassus Plugins Public API to integrate with Parnassus Bookmarks. Visit for more information.”

d) You may not redistribute any Parnassus plugin without prior permission.

This license grants no rights (ownership, copyright or other) to Parnassus code, plugins, etc, of any kind, except to the extent detailed above.



  • Please don’t change any file to break compatibility with the API – this API is defined by Parnassus only, and specified here. Changing the specification breaks the license. (If you want a change, please get in touch! I’m always happy to help.)
  • Don’t include Parnassus plugins with your software unless you have permission – let people download and install them from the only authorized source, the Parnassus website.
  • And, give attribution, ie say you’re using this API in order to work with a specific plugin.
  • Other than that, you’re welcome to use it to work with Parnassus plugins in commercial or free or open source software, and include this file with the source even in open-source software, so long as it remains under this license.

Thankyou for supporting my software in yours! I appreciate it, and if you run into any problems please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help.

– David Millington, October 2014


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