Joining Embarcadero as C++ Product Manager

I’m very pleased to announce that I recently joined Embarcadero as C++ Product Manager.  You can read more details on my Embarcadero blog post, but I’ll be looking after C++Builder as well as some other areas, including IDE user experience.

Parnassus and the IDE plugins I make have not been acquired, and remain independent. Working at Embarcadero doesn’t change anything here; I’ll keep working on the existing plugins just as I already have – in fact an update to Navigator is planned soon-ish – and some plugins that are under development will also be released.

If you’re a Delphi user, you may not be aware not only that I have used C++ for many years, including exclusively / full-time for almost a decade, but also went to some effort to specifically support C++Builder in my plugins. The best example is Navigator, where I wrote a C++ syntax highlighter so that C++ code displays well in the minimap and minimap preview. Bookmarks benefits too, showing C++ syntax highlighting in its docked window. (While Navigator’s Go To window currently only parses Delphi, supporting C++ is on the todo list there as well; C++ is a tad harder to parse!) I have a long history with both C++ and the C++ Builder side of the RAD Studio family and it’s very exciting to be on board.

I’m very glad to be on board at Embarcadero and looking forward to what we can achieve.

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