Would you like to help write the next Parnassus plugin?

I’m busy. Really busy. And I have an amazing new plugin I want to finish and have not had the time to work on since June last year.

Would you like to help? I’m looking for a Delphi developer to take on in a contract/consulting role to help finish the plugin tentatively titled Parnassus Debugger.

You would need to:

  • Be knowledgeable in Delphi, including versions since XE and language differences
  • Have experience with interfaces and interface-based design
  • Have experience with Spring4D’s collections and Graphics32
  • Have experience with writing an IDE plugin (basic knowledge of the ToolsAPI and writing a dockable window), and debugging Delphi within Delphi
  • Be aware of: DLLs, shared memory, the dynamic RTL, managing interface references, language gotchas, the VCL, graphics, antialiasing and colour theory, elegant code design, and all sorts of random other things that combine to form a Parnassus plugin.
  • Knowledge of the Windows API to do with processes, threads, and so forth is useful but not required (most code is already written)
  • A sense of perfection, including for UIs and the user experience, would be regarded very well.
  • Ability to look at the code currently written for this plugin and not laugh :) (Part of your job would be me saying, “This bit sucks. Please do it better.”)

Please provide information about your experience and rates. I’m currently thinking I’d contract for the entire job rather than an ongoing hourly rate, but I’m open to anything reasonable. If it goes well, I have many more plugins planned…

Contact me

Please allow up to a week for me to reply.  Did I mention I’m busy? :(  I’ll be much more available (daily) during the work itself.


Source. CC0 public domain, free for commercial use, no attribution required (but this is where it comes from anyway. Nice photo.)

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