Navigator and Bookmarks for RAD Studio 10.2 are coming

It’s been a long time since there’s been a Parnassus update, and you may be wondering why. One part is that I have a new and amazing job and work over forty hours a week, some days until midnight, and yes, that has had an impact on writing plugins and other now spare-time activities.

However, there has been an updated version of Navigator ready to publish for many months. The reason it has not been published is that for six months, since September 2016, Comodo has not sent Parnassus its renewed code signing certificate, something required for several reasons in order to provide an update. I have a full and well-documented but unpublished writeup of their support interaction, but I’m unsure if I should present it; despite my personal feelings of frustration with the company, I have no wish to sling mud. This too is the reason I have not posted about the problem before, preferring personal patience over mentioning an issue.

You might question why I’ve waited so long for them to send it: patience grounded in the good faith belief they would deliver, and lack of time to pursue them. The time is much more than I should have let pass. I apologise for the delay; I do not feel it is a good thing. However, seeing the RAD Studio date rapidly approach, I have bought a certificate from Thawte instead.  Thawte were prompt, polite, competent, effective, and speedy.

This means there will be an update to both Bookmarks and Navigator for RAD Studio 10.2 shortly after it is released, and Navigator will contain new features.

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