Navigator v1.1 released – with XE and XE2 support and a special offer

I’m very pleased to release Navigator 1.1! This version now supports Delphi XE and XE2 (in addition to XE3-8 that version 1.0 supported), and has a number of bugfixes, tweaks and new features. And if you buy before July 31st, get 20% off by entering the coupon code JULYSPECIAL. This is in honour of working indoors at a computer during the hot sunny summer months.

Change log:

  • New: Supports XE and XE2! This was one of the most requested features when version 1.0 was released.
  • New: The Go To window can now show all constants and variables instead of just the ‘const’ or ‘var’ sections. This includes local constants and variables in a method (turned off by default, but you can turn it on in the Settings), as well ones defined globally or inside a type such as a class. (Class variables – ie fields – were already shown in v1.0, though class constants were not.) You can control which of these are shown in the Go To window in the Options page.
  • Bugfix: Class methods are now shown with the ‘class’ keyword in the Go To window, ie as ‘class procedure’, ‘class constructor’ etc.
  • Tweak: The minimap preview hint can be turned off in the Options.
  • Tweak: Option to list only the declaration or only the implementation of a method.  It defaults to showing both. This is useful when you know you always want to navigate to, say, a method’s implementation.
  • Tweak: The Minimap’s settings button now shows a dropdown menu, giving you quick access to the sale. This lets you change its size without going via the Options dialog – useful for when your screen size changes, such as when you dock or undock a laptop at work or home.
  • Bugfix: An erroneous licence validation error that could appear while working should now be removed.
  • Bugfix: The Go To window’s text was drawn in the wrong colour when using the Windows Classic theme.
  • Tweak: Optional, and off until you opt in, usage statistics tracking. This will be very useful for me to know who’s using Navigator, what versions of Delphi, what countries, etc, but is of course optional.
  • Tweak: Code is parsed less often. This should improve battery life on laptops, and reduce Navigator’s memory usage – useful for those who encounter ‘out of memory’ errors in Delphi. If you have Bookmarks installed, you may see them update more slowly.
  • A variety of internal changes and tweaks.
Download, or buy!  Don’t forget that if you buy on or before July 31st using the code JULYSPECIAL you will get 20% off.


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