Open Source

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A VCL control that can host a FireMonkey form, allowing you to include FireMonkey elements in your VCL app.  MPL license.  32- and 64-bit; tested with RAD Studio XE4 & XE6, but likely to work in XE3 & XE5 too.


An alpha-aware TCanvas-like class that allows you to compose and draw blended transparent shapes, text, etc.  It also makes drawing to glass parts of a form much easier.   It’s lightweight: a single unit, and it uses pure GDI – not GDI+, so no external libraries required.  MPL license.

Justified text

An unit to print fully-justified text to a VCL canvas. It provides both a Windows API implementation and a custom text justification method, with options to handle behaviour of trailing paragaph lines and lines consisting of a single word. It also works around bugs for important fonts such as Segoe UI. Lightweight, a single unit, and MPL-licensed.

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