Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy & Cookie Policy


This website uses cookies for a variety of reasons, including Google Analytics (a tool to help us learn how people find the website and other similar information that helps us make the site show up well in Google search results.)  There may be other cookies too, such as, but not limited to, cookies used when posting comments, or those created by the web tools used to create the website – it’s not hand-coded.

The EU ePrivacy Directive requires that we tell you the site uses cookies. You may opt out by not visiting the website.


reCaptcha is an anti-spam technology used with the contact forms.

The site uses reCAPTCHA v3, and your use of reCAPTCHA v3 is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Software Downloads and Sales

Parnassus may ask for your email address, name, company and other information when downloading, purchasing or installing/using software. This information is used either for our records, including records we are legally obliged to keep, as well as for sales, license verification, marketing and other business-related purposes. In addition, some information may be used as part of licensing or for efforts to combat piracy.

We may use your email address to email you news about new releases, bug fixes, new products, etc. We do not spam, and you can opt out of these emails at any time through the opt-out link in the email itself.

We do not re-sell or pass on our customer details unless legally obliged. (For example, customer name, company, location, VAT information, etc must sometimes be included with our tax filings.)


The Parnassus website does not do any user tracking beyond what Google Analytics, reCaptcha, and our sales software provides for us.  We do not send spam.  We will not resell your information to any third party company not mentioned here without your consent.  Software is provided under the terms of the software license agreement.  If you have any queries or want to know what else we don’t do, feel free to ask via the Contact form.

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