Resources for getting support for Parnassus products.

Parnassus Bookmarks

Parnassus Plugins Public API

Open source libraries

There is no official support for any of the open source libraries. However, keeping them bug-free and up to date is a priority and bug reports, feature requests or other suggestions are appreciated. Patches are even more appreciated.


  • Problems with a beta test product? Please file a bug report or email directly to the beta test email address from which your beta emails were sent.
  • Want to be on the beta test list for a particular upcoming product? In general, beta tests are invite-only. However, there’s no harm sending an email saying you’d like to be on the list :) Send a message via the contact form, and please explain who you are, what you’re interested in, and why.
  • Something not listed here? Please send an email via the contact form.


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