alpha transparency

TTransparentCanvas: changing the background color of glowing text 3

You have probably already seen how to use DrawThemeTextEx on Vista and above to draw text with a white blurry ‘glow’ effect behind it. It’s commonly used when drawing on glass, to ensure that text has enough background contrast to be easily readable. But the API only draws a white glow. What if you want […]

Transparent graphics with pure GDI (Part 1 1/2) 7

Last post, I said that the next part of my transparent graphics series would be Part 2, and would introduce a class I’ve written to simplify drawing to glass, drawing partially transparent shapes and text, etc.I haven’t posted this yet, simply because life has got in the way – since my last post, I spent […]

Transparent graphics with pure GDI (Part 1) 6

Transparent graphics are used everywhere these days.  Half the UIs you will have used today will have made some use of composited graphics, overlays, or something similar.  You’ve probably seen: Selections with transparent rectangles or other shapes Text with a transparent shape behind it, so you can see the through to the background and still […]