TFireMonkeyContainer bugfix for instances created at runtime

TFireMonkeyContainer is a small open-source VCL component that can host a FMX form, allowing you to embed FireMonkey forms inside your VCL application. A 3D FireMonkey form embedded in a VCL application, using TFireMonkeyContainer This post is to note a bugfix that handles the case where instances of TFireMonkeyContainer are freed in a different order […]

DWS Mandelbrot Explorer Mark II, and random notes about FireMonkey and threads 11

The DWS Mandelbrot Explorer, which renders tiles generated by Eric Grange’s tile server, has been updated.The following is a braindump of information about the app, about FireMonkey, about threading, and about how they all interrelate. I think some points will be interesting to you. Miscellaneous things I’ve learned It turns out that you cannot reliably […]

TFireMonkeyContainer update: bugs fixed, features added 7

The example application showing a 3D FireMonkey form. On the other tab is a standard 2D form. On Wednesday I announced TFireMonkeyContainer, a VCL control that can host a FireMonkey form, allowing you to mix FireMonkey elements into your VCL app. It was (and is) a new project, and the announcement page listed several known […]

TFireMonkeyContainer – a VCL control for mixing VCL and FMX 3

I’ve created a small MPL-licensed component called TFireMonkeyContainer.  It’s a VCL control that can host a FireMonkey form – 2D or 3D, it doesn’t matter. This will let you use FireMonkey’s swishy graphics, animations, etc in an existing VCL application, either in a form among other controls, or if the host container is client-aligned then […]