Watch the short video on Bookmarks and Navigator, courtesy of Embarcadero’s tech partner spotlight series

The Embarcadero tech partner spotlight on Bookmarks and Navigator is now up on Youtube! (These are two very useful plugins for Delphi and C++Builder, which you should install – and this video shows why.) Watch it below or on Youtube.

This is a recording of one of the live sessions where I showed what the plugins do and how to use them, followed by a live Q&A. At the end of the Q&A David I also provides a bit more info, based on material from one of the Q&A sessions earlier in the day. Thanks Embarcadero, especially Jim McKeeth and David Intersimone, for hosting the spotlight and providing the replay.

About the plugins

Parnassus Bookmarks is a free plugin, replacing the IDE’s inbuilt bookmark functionality. It adds a single shortcut key to add bookmarks (Ctrl+B, which of course is customizable), has a dockable window with useful info about where each bookmark is located (eg the method it’s in, the type declaration it’s in, etc), and solves a number of problems in the IDE’s bookmark implementation: with Parnassus Bookmarks, you can have any number of markers and you will never accidentally overwrite an existing bookmark location. It also has a stack of temporary markers, letting you quickly navigate back in time by pressing Escape, or toggle between two locations by pressing Shift-Escape. It’s really useful – download it here.

Parnassus Navigator lets you jump around your code easily. Press Ctrl+G (G for Go, customisable) and start typing – all matching useful items in your code are displayed: matching methods, types, properties, fields, everything. Press Enter and you go there. It’s fast, quick, keyboard-based, and written for Delphi programmers, and is the kind of feature that once you’ve used it, you can’t imagine working without it. And as a bonus feature, there’s a minimap: a miniature interactable preview of your code on the right hand side of the editor. Some people use Navigator for that alone! Code navigation done right. Download it here.

All plugins work with Delphi XE and newer.

They also support C++ Builder XE and newer (note not all features are available in C++ Builder.)

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